Conical Label Maker

Adobe Illustrator plugin to prepare artwork for conical surfaces

Conical Label Plugin Screenshot

What is Conical Label plugin?

Conical Label plugin performs all the necessary calculations to distort artwork, so it can be applied to a conical surface of a given size. The plugin utilizes envelope mesh object of Illustrator, so no external dependencies is added to projects.

The plugin supports all the Adobe Illustrator versions starting from CS6 and up to the latest Illustrator 2020.

Main Plugin Features

Easy to Use

Conical Label plugin for Illustrator has the simplest user interface ever: all you need is to set the cone parameters, the rest is done by the plugin with instant preview.

No Dependencies

Once the job is done you don't need the plugin to open the document. You can easily edit, send or share the file - plugin is not required!

Editable Artwork

By using the built-in Illustrator envelope mesh mode, Conical Label plugin left your artwork completely editable with all the necessary conical distortions.

How it works

  1. 1. Prepare the label artwork that you want to fit to the conical surface.

  2. 2. Run Conical Label plugin and configure the cone parameters.

  3. 3. Click "OK" and get the distorted label for your cone. Yes, it's that simple!

Ready to Try?

We provide a free demo version of the software that lets you try the product and decide if it fits your requirements. Click the Download button at the top right corner of this page to get the demo.