Box Shot 3D is retired

Box Shot 3D was deprecated back in 2013 and we neither sell or renew its licenses, nor providing any support for it. If you are looking for a 3D mockup software, consider trying Boxshot which is effectively the new version of Box Shot 3D with many new features.

What if I have a license?

There are two options we can offer:

  • you can download the old version of Box Shot 3D;
  • you can upgrade your license to use the latest Boxshot.

How to download Box Shot 3D?

You can get Box Shot 3D at our downloads page — scroll to the very bottom, where you will find versions 2 and 3 of Box Shot 3D software. Use your serial number to identify the version you need. If your license key looks like:

  • XXXX–XXXX–XXXX–XXXX — you need the 2nd version of Box Shot 3D;
  • XXXX–XXXX–XXXX–XXXX–XXXX — you need the 3rd version of Box Shot 3D.

Download the proper version for your platform and activate with the license key you have.

Note that the software was released more than 5 years ago and may not work properly with the modern operating systems or hardware.

Consider switching to the latest Boxshot if you have any issues with the old version, or use a virtual machine with old operating system to re–create the environment the software was made for.

How to upgrade to the latest Boxshot?

We provide 20% discount to Box Shot 3D customers. Select the Boxshot edition you want to upgrade to, then contact us providing the following information:

  • email address you used to order your Box Shot 3D license;
  • your Box Shot 3D serial number;
  • the edition of Boxshot you want to upgrade to;
  • the number of users or seats you need the license for.


You can always contact us directly in case of any further questions.