Importing Third–Party Shapes

Boxshot Ultimate lets you import 3rd–party shapes and use them in your scenes next to the built–in ones. This tutorial provides some information and hints about using such shapes in your projects.

Supported Formats

Boxshot supports most common 3D formats: Collada (DAE), FBX, 3DS, OBJ, DXF, PLY, STL and tries its best to load as much information from them as possible. Collada is the preferred third–party format for importing and exporting Boxshot models.

Importing Models

The easiest way to import a third–party model into a Boxshot scene is to drag and drop it there. Boxshot will load the model and add it to the scene.

Another option is to use File → Import 3D Model… option from the main menu and pick the model file manually.

Note that you cannot open third–party models with Boxshot, or use File → Open… menu item to open the models — it doesn’t work. Drop models into the scene or use the import option mentioned above.

Using Third–Party Models

Boxshot displays a special properties panel for embedded third–party shapes:

Embedded shapes properties panel in Boxshot

The panel lets you perform some actions on embedded models:

Below these options you can find the shape dimensions for convenience.

Editing Models

If you click the Edit Model button you will see the popup window with the embedded model internals:

Embedded model editor window with nodes and materials

You can read more about this in the model editor tutorial.

Transferring Projects With Embedded Models

When Boxshot loads a third–party model it fully embeds all its geometry into the project and you don’t need the source 3d model file anymore. It is completely safe to delete the model file after importing it.

However, Boxshot doesn’t embed the artwork (as with any other shape) so you need to keep the artwork next to the project if you want to transfer it somewhere or back it up. You can read more about this in our managing images tutorial.

That’s all

Embedding third–party shapes is the effective way of extending the built–in shapes list. Combined with the custom shapes management this could improve your Boxshot experience a lot.

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