Creating a Box of Books

This tutorial shows how to make a boxed set of books in Boxshot using just built-in shapes. Here’s what you get at the end (click to see the full version):

Best of all, it will take us just a few minutes to do this!

Make a stack of books

Let’s start a new Boxshot project and add a hard cover book to the scene.

At this point you may want to apply your own artwork to the book, adjust its size, and so on. We will skip this step in the tutorial and use the default artwork.

Clone the book to make a group of books. Although there is a stack tool in Boxshot, we will use another tool: step and repeat as it keeps the books standing upright.

Right-click the book and select Tools > Step and Repeat…

You can see the scene now has nine books: three rows of three books each. As we don’t need so many books, set the number of columns to 1 and then set the back step to 0 to remove the space between books. Here’s what you get:

Now click OK to commit the changes. Here’s your set of books:

You can make a set or stack manually, for instance to mix different books rather than having copies of a single book. You can also adjust the automatically created set. The Step and Repeat and Stack tools are just helpers that can save you time.

Make a box

Well, that’s easy. Now drag a simple software box to the same scene:

The next step is to make the left side of the box transparent. Switch to the materials panel at the right and select the left side there:

Then scroll down to the Transparency section and set the Opacity slider to 0. See that the left side has disappeared so you can see the bindings of the books:

Now we need to resize the box so it fits all the books:

Use the Width/Height/Length parameters at the right panel, not the scaling gizmo at the top, to keep the box shape perfect. You may also need to move the box and put it on the floor to make sure that the books are inside it.

Then drag a default white material to the front side of the box, set its color to dark brown and then clone it to other sides of the box. Again, you might want to put your own artwork to the box here.

Finally you may also want to drag one or more books slightly out of the box to make the scene more natural:

All done :)

That’s all

That’s basically all you need to know to make your own box of books. If you need more complex boxes, cut holes and so on - we’ve got Origami which does exactly that.

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