Creating a 3D Book Cover

This is a very short tutorial on creating a 3D book cover with just a few mouse clicks in Boxshot. The tutorial assumes that you are familiar with the user interface; if you are not, please review the basic tutorials first.

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You need book cover artwork for this tutorial. We’ll provide a sample below. Right-click the image and save it to your computer.

sample book cover image

You can use your own book cover if you like, or create one in our free online e-book cover maker.

Let’s go!

Run Boxshot, then drag a hard cover book shape into the scene. Make sure that the dust jacket feature is turned off, as our artwork is for the book cover itself, not for the dust jacket:

creating a 3D book shape in boxshot

Applying the Cover Image

Drag the cover image to the book shape in Boxshot. When the application asks how to use the image, select “Texture”. Boxshot then applies your image to the book shape.

book cover image applied to a 3D book shape in boxshot

You will probably see some mapping issues near the spine. Boxshot can’t guess the book thickness from the cover image, so you need to help it. Change the thickness in the right panel so the texture fits the spine well.

fixing 3D book cover mapping on the spine in boxshot

Finally, click “Fit to images” to resize the book shape according to the cover image size. Boxshot can do this now, as you told it the spine size.

3D book cover is ready for rendering in boxshot


Exactly as in the 3D box tutorial, find a camera angle that provides an attractive view and click the rendering button. You will see the rendering settings window, where you set rendering width, height and quality and finally click “Start”:

3D book cover rendering settings in boxshot

Your 3D book cover will be ready in just a few seconds. Click “Save” to save the image and close the rendering window.

3D book cover rendered in boxshot

That’s All

Great: you’ve done a 3D book cover image in less than five minutes. Boxshot is a great time-saving tool and doesn’t require you to be a graphic designer at all!

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