Oscillation Animation

Oscillation animation is useful to better show the shape by tilting it a bit. This way you can see reflection moving along the shape which is good for glossy surfaces.

You can render looped oscillation animation in Boxshot by clicking Render → Oscillation Animation in the menu.

Oscillation Parameters

At the first step you will see the oscillation parameters:

Oscillation animation parameters window

Here you can control the oscillation along two axes: vertical and horizontal. The parameters sets are the same for both axis:

Boxshot displays the animation preview in background, so you can visually control the process.

The Duration group lets you configure the animation length by providing the number of frames and how many frames per second you need. Note that you may need hundreds of frames for smooth animation. See the animation preview to get the idea of how smooth your animation is.

Click Next when you finish the animation setup.

Rendering Options

As with any other animation, at the last step you configure the rendering resolution and quality:

Oscillation animation rendering settings

Setup the parameters exactly as you do for manual rendering and click the Enqueue button to create a “render later” job for the oscillation animation.

Here you can read more about rendering jobs.

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