Rendering Jobs Later

Rendering scenes may take time and you don’t always have that time right now. That’s when the “render later” option of Boxshot Ultimate may help. Instead of running the rendering immediately and waiting until it finishes, you queue the rendering up and do it later, when you don’t use the computer. Say, at night or even on another computer.

Queueing the Scene Up

When the scene is ready, you click the render button in the toolbar and the rendering settings window pops up. Notice the “Render this job later” option box at the bottom:

Rendering job later in Boxshot

Enabling this option changes the button at the bottom from Start to Enqueue which means the scene will not be rendered immediately. Instead, Boxshot will save a scene snapshot into the private folder where you can render it later.

Queued Scenes List

To see the saved scenes, click the Job Manager icon in the toolbar and the job manager window will pop up:

Job Manager window in Boxshot

Here you can select jobs for rendering, double–click them to open their locations, delete them and so on. The buttons are explained below:

Boxshot Job Manager toolbar explained

There is also a progress–bar and some timers at the top:

Boxshot Job Manager progress bar and timers explained

You basically select the jobs you want to render (use Ctrl/Cmd and Shift to select more than one job), click the Render button and go have a coffee. Boxshot will render selected jobs one by one and save the output to the same folder where the scenes are saved. The output format is configured at the job creation time.

Rendering on Another Computer

You may render jobs on a different computer, if you like. The trick is to configure the queued jobs saving path in Boxshot settings to point to the network location of another computer.

That another computer needs to have Boxshot Ultimate running (this requires a separate license) and its job manager must also be configured to the same folder.

Then the other copy of Boxshot running on the second computer will be able to see the jobs you created, and you can render them there, while keep working on the first one. Once the results are ready, you double–click the job on the first computer and use the images!

Need More Information?

You can read more about Boxshot jobs in our job files tutorial.

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