Adding Floor Reflection

Boxshot 4 allows you to add floor reflection with just a few mouse clicks. This tutorial shows how.

Adding floor reflection

Let's create a simple scene with a hard cover book shape and open the scene panel at the left. Notice the "Floor reflection" checkbox at the bottom.

floor reflections in boxshot - add 3d book shape

Now click that checkbox to see the floor reflection.

floor reflections in boxshot - reflection added

It's that easy. Use the sliders below to control the reflection level, decay and blur.

Transparent background and shadow

One more click to the "Transparent background" checkbox turns the background off, so you can see the "transparency" checkers texture. Finally add a shadow using the Easy lighting button and render the resulting image.

floor reflections in boxshot - transparent background and shadows


Reflection is not an easy effect for real-time rendering, so Boxshot has some limitations for the preview window. The Simple GL driver doesn't support reflection at all, while the Advanced GL driver doesn't support blur.

However, the raytracing renderer is not affected and supports all the effects, so even if your previews are limited your renderings will be perfect.

That's All

You've learned how to add a floor reflection in just a few mouse clicks. Cool :)

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