Boxshot Tutorials

These tutorials help you take your first steps in Boxshot, grow your skills, and complete really cool projects. Step by step, chapter by chapter you will learn all of Boxshot powerful features.


User Interface Basics

Here you can read about Boxshot user interface layout, panels and basic operations.

Making 3D Books

Boxshot offers advanced and highly–configurable hard cover books, paperbacks and magazines. These tutorials explain in details how to use the book shapes in Boxshot and how to make them look the way you need:

Rendering Simple Scenes

These step–by–step tutorials guide you through the process of creating and rendering simple scenes. Follow the steps with your own artwork to get amazing results.

Advanced Tutorials

These advanced-level tutorials show how to set up lighting and achieve the subtle effects with Boxshot that will make your project stand out.





Batch Rendering

Need to render animations or batch render projects from command line? Here we have some hints.


These tutorials are for those who wants to program Boxshot with Javascript for even more control and options.