Boxshot Screenshots

One of the essential features of Boxshot is its clean and intuitive user interface. You have objects and scene–wide settings at the left, selected object’s properties at the right and the scene itself right in the middle. You will feel yourself at home in minutes.

3d book cover mockup in Boxshot 5

Boxshot lets you apply complex materials to objects and preview them in real time exactly as they will be rendered.

Complex material applied to a vase in Boxshot 5

You can easily control scene lighting — all the changes are immediately reflected in preview.

Yogurt pack mock-up composed in Boxshot 5

Boxshot supports both “full–size” artwork and decals. Use the one wich is more convenient. Or both.

3D boxes with decals in Boxshot 5

Boxshot comes with more than 50 built–in shapes and lets you import your own ones. Make complex scenes of many shapes, drag shapes around, rotate them — all with instant preview and great results!

Blu-ray disc boxes mockup in Boxshot

Have a look at what other people do in Boxshot to have a better idea of its features, or try the demo version using the Download button at the top right corner of the page.