Boxshot has many configurable templates for cards, booklets, brochures, magazines, books, and more. Below are the examples of what our users do in Boxshot.

Brochures and folders made and rendered in Boxshot 3D book rendered in Boxshot Assorted stationery made in Boxshot 3D magazine two-page spread A stack of 3D magazine shapes Stack of 3D magazines rendered in Boxshot 4 A stack of 3D magazines, and a magazine two-page spread, on the floor. A stack of 3D magazines made in Boxshot 3D mayo window flyers rendered in Boxshot Various 3D stationery 3D brochure rendered in Boxshot 3D booklet two-page spread on the floor 3D stack of stationery rendered in Boxshot 3D rendering of complex booklet shape 3D rendering of expanded complex booklet shape Back view of the complex-shape booklet made in Boxshot Folded card rendering made in Boxshot