Boxshot 5.0.5

04 May 2019

In this version we added many raytracing-related parameters to the settings window, so you can fine-tune the process when needed. We also improved OpenGL preview and fixed some issues. Read on for more details.

Boxshot 5.0.4

27 Apr 2019

We keep improving OpenGL preview. This update adds environment lighting and antialiasing so OpenGL scenes look even better than before. It also fixes some problems that you reported. More details are inside.

Boxshot 5.0.3

20 Apr 2019

This is another update targeting OpenGL preview, but it also improves user interface and fixes some problems you reported. More information is inside, as usual.

Boxshot 5.0.2

13 Apr 2019

This update fixes some problems you reported and also improves OpenGL preview. Read on for more details.

Koru 1.6

08 Apr 2019

This version adds 2D image nodes or watermarks, improves low-end hardware support and adds many nice new features. Keep reading to know more.

Boxshot 5.0.1

31 Mar 2019

Here is the second beta of Boxshot 5 mostly focused on the new user interface theme. There are also fixes of the problems you reported and many small improvements here or there. More details inside…

Origami 2.9

24 Mar 2019

This update adds paper thickness direction, improves large dielines handling and more. Look inside for details.

Boxshot 5

16 Mar 2019

It took a while, but I believe it was well worth the waiting. Here is the very first beta version of the upcoming Boxshot 5. Read on for more details and downloading instructions.

Barcode 1.11

19 Feb 2019

This minor update improves barcode dragging to Adobe InDesign, allowing to drop it directly to an empty image box without doing a second click. Update your copy if you use both apps together.

Owlet 1.7.1

02 Feb 2019

This update fixes some issues with project saving introduced in version 1.7. It also increases time-based rendering limit to 24 hours. Please update your copies to get the most stable Owlet version.