Origami 3.0.10

24 Oct 2020

Here comes Illustrator 2021 support with some other improvements. Read on for more details.

Koru 1.7.2

23 Oct 2020

This update is about better Collada support and it also fixes a problem with snapshots activation for high–poly scenes.

Boxshot 5.2.8

21 Oct 2020

This update improves Collada support and fixes some minor issues, including the headband color for hard cover books.

Barcode 2.0.1 beta

17 Oct 2020

This update adds some missed parts and features you requested. Read more for details.

Barcode 2.0 beta

14 Oct 2020

This is the very first beta version of the new Barcode 2! The software got updated keyboard–driven user interface, better rendering engine and many old version’s problems fixed. Read on for some extra information and downloading links.

Boxshot 5.2

29 Aug 2020

After a few months of testing we are glad to release the stable version of Boxshot 5.2 with highly customizable books. Read on for more details.

Boxshot 5.2.7 Beta

21 Aug 2020

This update improves the lighting of some (mostly external) shapes. Please update your copies even if you don’t see any shadow–related issues.

Origami 3.0.9

18 Aug 2020

This update fixes Adobe Illustrator plugin problems on Macs where network is not configured properly.

Boxshot 5.2.6 Beta

15 Aug 2020

This update fixes some problems with hard cover book resizing and mapping discovered yesterday.

Boxshot 5.2.5 Beta

14 Aug 2020

This update improves books some more, to make sure all the boxes are ticked. It also fixes some other minor issues and adds some features. Read on for more details.