Boxshot 5.1.4

20 Jan 2020

This minor update fixes pharma bottle caps and scene tree panel issues. Update your copies to get the most stable version of Boxshot.


26 Dec 2019

We deprecate Owlet and Boxshot VR applications. Read on for more details…

Boxshot 5.1.3

24 Dec 2019

After about 3 months of beta–testing, here is the new stable version of Boxshot. Those of you who take part in our beta testing program may already know about its new features, the rest are welcome to read the post for more details.

Boxshot 5.1.2 release candidate

21 Dec 2019

Some minor bugs fixed and missed bits added here or there. This version has a good chance of becoming a public release.

Boxshot 5.1.1 beta

14 Dec 2019

Another beta–version of Boxshot focused mostly on embedded models, but also having a nice new feature you will love. Keep reading for more details…

Koru 1.7.1

14 Dec 2019

This minor update adds actions to watermarks, so you can make them open web pages or activate snapshots. It also fixes some issues with background images that you reported.

Conical Label 1.3.1

14 Dec 2019

This is the stable version of Conical Label plugin with Illustrator 2020 support and a new installer.

Origami 3.0.1 beta

08 Dec 2019

Here come the fixes… Many thanks for your feedback regarding version 3.0, we carefully listened, fixed problems and added the missing parts. This is the second beta version of Origami 3, let’s give it a good try :)

Origami 3.0 beta

25 Nov 2019

OK, so here is the long–awaited Origami update. As it is version 3.0, you’d might expect a little bit more than just Illustrator 2020 support, right? Right. Read on for more details on this major update to Origami.

Conical Label 1.3 beta

23 Nov 2019

This update of Conical Label plugin adds the support of Adobe Illustrator 2020. As the update comes with some other changes, it is marked a “beta”, so please give it a good try first.