Boxshot 5.2.2 Beta

22 Jun 2020

Here come hardcover books! Look inside for some pictures :)

Origami 3.0.7

05 Jun 2020

This update fixes some problems with the Windows version of Origami.

Boxshot 5.2.1 Beta

29 May 2020

This update adds highly–customizable magazines and improves various aspects of rendering.

Origami 3

17 May 2020

After a couple of months of testing we are happy to announce that Origami 3 is officially here!

Origami 3.0.6 beta

25 Apr 2020

This update improves paper types handling and fixes the issues you reported. Give it a try, it should become the release version soon.

Boxshot 5.2 Beta

21 Apr 2020

Boxshot 5.2 will be about books and this is the first beta showing the main ideas we’re working on. Sounds interesting? Keep reading :)

Origami 3.0.5 beta

07 Mar 2020

Some more fixes before we release the third version officially. Please give it a good try to make sure nothing is missed. Your feedback is welcome, as usual.

Origami 3.0.4 beta

24 Feb 2020

This update fixes a couple of problems you reported. Here is the list:

Origami 3.0.3 beta

10 Feb 2020

We’re getting closer to releasing the 3rd version of Origami. This update fixes a couple of issues you reported and we discovered. Read on for the list of changes and downloading links.

Origami 3.0.2 beta

27 Jan 2020

Another beta version of Origami 3 with some new features we’d like to test with you guys. Read on for more details about the update.