Barcode 1.12.2

28 Aug 2019

This update fixes compatibility problems with Mac OS 10.10. Install it if your Mac OS is not that new.

Owlet 1.8 (beta)

17 Jul 2019

This is a beta version of Owlet 1.8 showing a very promising feature and we need your feedback on it. It also fixes some problems you reported, so the update is definitely worth trying. Although it is beta, the software is stable enough for production work.

Barcode 1.12.1

11 Jul 2019

This is a stable release of the new font size parameters beta-tested in version 1.12. See here for more details. This version also has new system requirements, so keep reading if you use an old operating system.

Barcode 1.12 (beta)

24 Jun 2019

This update adds text customization options to UPC, EAN and ISBN barcodes. It also improves update checking and operating system compatibility for both Mac and Windows.

Boxshot 5.0.8

06 Jun 2019

After about three months of beta-testing we are proud to announce that Boxshot 5 is officially released! It took us almost a year, but the new version is well worth the waiting. Keep reading for more details, especially if you haven’t tried the beta yet.

Boxshot 5.0.7

25 May 2019

Here come some bugfixes for the problems you reported. No new features, just housekeeping stuff. We also believe the nasty crash has been fixed in this update, so please let us know if it happens again.

Boxshot 5.0.6

18 May 2019

This update fixes various minor issues and adds a nice feature that must be there before we release version 5 to the public.

Origami 2.9.1

06 May 2019

This minor update fixes some problems discovered in version 2.9. Details are inside, keep reading.

Boxshot 5.0.5

04 May 2019

In this version we added many raytracing-related parameters to the settings window, so you can fine-tune the process when needed. We also improved OpenGL preview and fixed some issues. Read on for more details.

Boxshot 5.0.4

27 Apr 2019

We keep improving OpenGL preview. This update adds environment lighting and antialiasing so OpenGL scenes look even better than before. It also fixes some problems that you reported. More details are inside.