Making UPC–E Barcodes

UPC–E barcodes are done pretty much the same way, as the UPC–A ones and can be made using the UPC barcode generator software. You click the big “plus” button, then click the “UPC–E” item in the popup menu to make a new UPC–E barcode:

Use the plus button to generate a new UPC-E barcode

Then you double–click it and switch to the editing mode. Compared to the UPC-A barcodes, there is no addon field here. On the other hand, the Number system field is displayed, so you can select if you want to have “0” or “1” as the first digit of the barcode.

Configure UPC-E barcode data and number system, fix errors if any

Exactly as with UPC–A barcodes, you will get a message in case of any errors in the barcode data. Fix them manually, or use the Fix errors button to let Barcode fix them for you.

Once done, switch to the second panel to configure the visual parameters of the barcode:

Configuring the visual appearance of the UPC-E barcode

Again, compared to UPC–A barcodes, there are less parameters here. There is obviously no addon configuration for UPC–E barcodes, also the light margin indicator is not supported for this barcode. Edit the visual parameters the way you need and finally switch to the right most panel to adjust the quiet zone:

UPC barcode generator lets you configure the quiet zone of the barcode

As the UPC–E barcode displays digits on both left and right sides, you may leave the default margin values — there is enough space on both sides of the barcode. The recommended quiet zone for UPC–E is 5mm, or 0.2 inches.

When you finished with the barcode, you can save or print it using the toolbar buttons at the top left corner of the window, or drag the barcode with your mouse directly to the application where it is needed.

Then you can simply click the Back button in the toolbar, or press the Escape key on the keyboard to switch back to the list of the barcodes. The changes will be saved automatically.

For more information about the user interface of the software, see the user interface tutorial.

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