Making UPC–A Barcodes

To make an UPC–A barcode, you need to start the Barcode generator application and click the big “plus” button at the bottom left corner of the window. The popup menu will appear, where you need to click the UPC–A item to make a new UPC–A barcode.

Creating new UPC-A barcode using the plus button in the Barcode generator software

Once the new barcode is created, double–click it to switch to the editing mode.

There you will see the barcode preview and the parameters panel on the right, where you can modify the main and addon texts of the barcode. Type the data you need and see the barcode updated while you are typing:

Editing the UPC-A barcode - providing the main text and add-on data

If you don’t need the addon — simply leave the addon field blank. If you need a 2–digit addon — enter just two digits, the software will adjust the barcode accordingly.

If you make a mistake and the checksum doesn’t match, or there are too many symbols — Barcode generator will display an error message and offers you to fix the problem. If this is a check digit problem, you can simply click the Fix errors button, otherwise it is better to figure out what the problem is and fix it manually, as otherwise Barcode will simply clip the data or extend it with zeroes.

UPC barcode generator checks barcodes for errors automatically

Once the data is entered, you can switch to the second tab and adjust the visual appearance of the barcode. There are many options to configure there:

Configuring the visual appearance of UPC-A barcode in generator

From the top to bottom, there are several sections where you can setup the barcode features:

Once finished, switch to the right most panel to configure the quiet zone around the barcode:

Quiet zone can be configured at the right most tab of the barcode editor

Make sure the Margins block is enabled, then configure the quiet zone size around the barcode by adjusting the margins parameters. It is recommended to have at least 5mm (or 0.2 inches) of free space on the left and right sides of the barcode to make sure it is scanned well. For this particular barcode, the first digit adds some space by itself, so the left margin is fine. As for the right one, it needs to be increased to match the standard. Another option is to enable the light margin indicator on the second panel, which might help.

Light margin indicator is enabled and the quiet zone of the barcode is now large enough to match the standard

Once the barcode is finished, you have three options:

Then you can click the Back button in the toolbar, or press Escape to go back to the barcodes list mode.

You can automate the barcode generation in many ways with Barcode. See the batch processing tutorial for the automation example.

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