Making Fake Random Barcodes

While designing cover artwork you might need a barcode element without knowing the details that will be encoded there. Just a template to take the space. You can easily make one using the Barcode generator and the tutorial explains the steps required.

Finding the Barcode

Run Barcode generator and scroll through the barcodes to find the one you need. Say you need an EAN–13 barcode for your box artwork design. Locate the existing EAN–13 barcode or click the “plus” button at the bottom left corner of the window to make a new one.

Create a new EAN-13 barcode if needed and select it

Then double–click it or press the Enter key to switch to the editing mode.

Configuring the Barcode

As the barcode needed is fake, you probably don’t need to adjust it too much, but it is still worth configuring the basic parameters like the barcode data and quiet zone around it. Use the tabs on the right side of the window to browse through the barcode properties and adjust them as required.

Adjusting parameters of the fake barcode we created

The essential part is the main data block, where you need to put random symbols or just leave it empty or filled with zeroes. Barcode generator may display an error message that the check digit is not correct, or that there is not enough data entered, but you can ignore that, as the software automatically corrects the input data to match the standards.

The simplest way to get a fake EAN–13 barcode is to leave the main block completely empty and enter five zeroes into the addon field, if you need the addon displayed:

Zero-filled fake EAN-13 barcode can be done by leaving the data fields empty

Double–check the barcode dimensions at the bottom left corner of the window and continue to the next step.

Saving the Barcode

To save the barcode simply grab it with your mouse and drag into the application where it is needed. Barcodes can be easily dragged into editors like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. Just make sure you embedded them after dragging.

Another option is to click the Save button in the toolbar, select the format you need and save the barcode to your desktop or any other folder.

When done, click the Back button in the toolbar to return to the barcodes list, or just close the application.

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