Custom Texts

Barcode generator lets you add custom texts with additional information to barcodes. You can do this using the texts panel of the software:

Custom texts panel of the barcode software

Here you can add custom text elements and configure them. Let’s try adding one.

Adding Text Element

Click the “Plus” button at the top right corner of the panel to add a text element:

Adding text element to barcode

The text element you added is displayed in the list at the top of the custom texts panel. The panel below the list displays the properties of the currently selected text element.

The properties are pretty self–explaining, except for the Anchor and Alignment parameters which need some extra comments.

The Anchor parameter lets you choose between three points: the left side of the barcode, the middle of the barcode and the right side of the barcode:

Two text elements with left anchor in Barcode

Then the Alignment parameter lets you align the text element against the given anchor. Here are three text elements aligned against the center of the barcode:

Two text elements with center anchor in Barcode

On top of that you can use vertical and horizontal offsets to move the text around. The anchor and alignment features are useful in batch mode when texts can change depending on the input data. Otherwise you can simply use the default parameters and position texts manually.

Using Variables

There is a special button next to the text field with brackets:

Variables button next to the text field in Barcode

The button shows a popup menu with the variables you can use in texts. The button itself is not really needed as you can enter variables manually, the button just simplify the process. Let’s click the "{data}" element in the popup menu and see what happens:

Variable added to the custom text element

Once you added the variable, the text has been modified and now has the “{data}” string at the end. That’s the variable and the “data” means to use the main data of the barcode. Now if you look at the preview, you’ll notice that in the text the variable has been replaced with the barcode data. That’s what the text variables are designed for.

Supported variables depend on the barcode you use and the full list of variables is below:

Example 1: Customizing ISBN Barcode

Let’s try customizing ISBN barcode to display the top text a different way. Create a new ISBN barcode, open it for editing and change the Text type field to something non–empty. You should see this:

Starting with a simple ISBN barcode

The number of Text type options is limited and if you want something different you need a custom text. Let’s add one:

Adding a custom text to ISBN barcode

The text of the new element is changed to *** {isbn} *** which uses the formatted ISBN variable with asterisks around as decoration.

Now you can hide the default ISBN text and have just the custom one:

Leaving just a custom text for ISBN barcode

Done! You now have the barcode with the custom text and ISBN number on top.

Example 2: Custom Human Readable Text

You can replace the main barcode text, as well. Let’s make a new Code 128 barcode:

Adding new Code 128 barcode

Now switch to the texts panel, add a new text element and configure it as below:

Adding custom text to Code 128 barcode

You should get a text block displaying the main barcode data with custom text decoration around. Now you can turn off the default text and have just your text next to the barcode:

Leaving just the custom text for Code 128 barcode

Custom texts and variables let you quickly add missing barcode elements and customize them as needed.

Using Custom Variables

Besides the built–in variables listed above, you can make your own by placing a text in curly brackets into the custom text elements:

Using custom variables in texts

Here the text contains two custom variables: “hello” and “world” which are not replaced with values as the built–in ones, as the software doesn’t know how to replace them.

The custom variables are used in batch generation, either in visual or in command line mode. There you can assign data to them, so they get replaced when the barcodes are generated in bulk.

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