BC412 Barcode

Originally developed in 1988 by IBM and Computer Identics companies, it was later adopted as a standard for identification of silicon semiconductor wafers.

The first two letters of the symbology name are derived from “Binary Code”, while “412” means that every symbol is encoded by 4 bars in 12 positions.

All the bars are of the same width for better readability on wafer surface, but the barcode can actually be used anywhere, especially when the space is limited.

More information about BC412 barcode can be found in SEMI T1-95 standard.

Barcode Format

The barcode consists of start and stop characters, data and check digit. For data all the numeric digits are supported and all the uppercase letters from A to Z, except O which is replaced with 0 (zero).

BC412 uses modulo 35 algorithm for computing check digit. Unlike the most other symbologies the check digit of BC412 is located inside the data, specifically after the first data symbol of the barcode.

Making BC412 Barcodes

Start the Barcode generator software and select the BC412 barcode in the list. You can also create a new one using the Plus button at the bottom left corner of the window:

BC412 barcode in the list of other barcodes in the application

Once done, double–click the barcode to open the editor. You will see the barcode preview and the data field on the right:

BC412 barcode editor with the data input field

The software automatically computes the check digit and generates the barcode accordingly. There is no need to enter the check digit in the input field, so if your data comes with one, consider deleting the second symbol of the input data to remove the check digit. Otherwise the incorrect barcode will be generated.

The software also checks that the input data consist of the proper symbols. Errors can be automatically fixed (to some extent) by clicking the Fix errors button: this includes too many symbols, unsupported and lowercase symbols.

You can adjust other parameters like text size and position, bar width reduction and symbol color on the second tab of the application:

Styling up BC412 barcodes

Once done, click the Save or Print buttons at the top left corner of the window, or make a series of barcodes using the Batch button at the top right corner:

Barcode export options for BC412

Finally, click the Back button at the top left corner of the window to return to the barcodes list. All the changes you made will be automatically saved.

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