Barcode Management

Barcode generator stores all the barcodes you ever made in one place, so you can easily find then when needed. You see all the barcodes when you start the application:

All the barcodes you ever made are stored in once place within the Barcode application

Here you can add a new barcode, or clone, rename or delete the existing one. This tutorial shows all these operations in details, so you can easily do the same.

Adding Barcodes

There is a big “plus” button at the bottom left corner of the window. Click it to display a popup menu of all the barcodes you can add:

Clicking the Plus button opens a popup menu with all the barcode symbologies you can add

Then click the barcode you need and get it created for you:

Clicking the ISBN item in the popup menu creates a new ISBN barcode

Here I clicked the ISBN-13 item and got the “ISBN-13 2” barcode created.

Renaming Barcodes

Once the barcode is created, you may want to rename it. To do so, simply select the barcode you want to rename and press F2:

Pressing F2 start barcode renaming. You can also do this using the context menu

Type the new name for the barcode and press Enter or click somewhere outside the editing field to commit the changes. If you want to cancel renaming, press Escape.

Here I changed the name to “My new ISBN code” and pressed Enter:

Rename barcode is placed to the list in the alphabetical order

You can also rename the barcode by right–clicking it and selecting Rename item in the popup menu. It will start renaming mode exactly as when you press F2.

Cloning Barcodes

As you may know from the user interface tutorial, Barcode generator saves all the changes you made to a barcode and the next time you open it you’ll get exactly the same barcode that you had when you finished the editing. This is very convenient, but sometimes you may want to have two or more similar barcodes with just minor changes, say if you need two versions of the design. This is when the cloning feature comes into the game.

Select the barcode you need, right–click it and use the Clone item in the popup menu:

Barcodes can be cloned using the Clone item in the context menu

Done, you now have two similar barcodes that you can edit separately. You can rename the cloned version to have a more specific name, if you like.

Deleting Barcodes

Finally, if the barcode is not needed anymore, you can delete it. Note, that this operation is permanent and cannot be undone. Select the barcode you don’t need anymore and press Delete key. Or right–click it and select Delete in the popup menu. The barcode will be deleted.

Manual Barcode Management

Barcodes are stored as files in your computer file system. You can manage them there, if you like. For instance you may want to backup them, or copy to another computer. To access the barcode files, use the platform–specific instructions below:

You may need to enable the setting to show hidden files on both platforms in order to navigate there. Each file in this folder is a barcode that you see in the barcodes list in the application. You can rename, clone or delete them here and Barcode will display the changes.

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