Activating Barcode License

Once you ordered your first Barcode license or renewed an existing one, you should get a license key from us by email. If not, please check your spam box and contact us to get they key.

The license key looks like 5 lines of random symbols, you need to copy it and paste into the registration window of Barcode.

Activating the License

To activate Barcode you need to run it using Applications folder on Mac or Start menu on Windows, then click its Help menu and select Registration there to open the registration window.

Once the registration window is opened, paste the license key there and click OK to complete registration.

Renewing License

If you renewed your existing license and got a new license key, do the same steps as above, but before you paste the new license key into the registration window, make sure you removed the old one first.

You need to replace the old license key with the renewed one to make sure Barcode keeps working after the renewal.

De–activating the Software

You need to de–activate Barcode if you transfer the license somewhere else. To do so, open the registration window as explained above and delete the license key there.

Then click OK to complete the de–activation of the license.

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