Barcode Generator Screenshots

Barcode Generator features a clean user interface and takes you through the barcode creation process step by step, so you can focus on your task without worrying about what to do next.

Barcode symbols supported by the barcode generator
Edit EAN-13 barcode in barcode generator software

You can setup various appearance parameters of barcodes. Configure fonts, colors, margins, dimensions and much more. Virtually any parameter is adjustable.

Margins, border and crop marks for Barcodes

Custom margins, borders and crop marks are also supported.

Barcode appearance parameters in Barcode generator

You can add as many custom texts to the barcode as needed, customize their size, font and position.

Adding custom texts to barcode

Each barcode has its own symbol-specific settings. Barcode generator has contents and appearance separated, so you provide the data first, then focus on the visual part of the job.

Making QR-Code with VCard in barcode generator

Batch processing option lets you generate multiple barcodes in a single run. Configure a barcode, supply the list of codes and get as many copies as you need.

Batch barcode generation mode

On top of that, Barcode Generator has the same user interface on Windows and Mac, so you can switch platforms without losing your work or having to learn where things are all over again.

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