Data Matrix Barcode Format

Data Matrix codes can be used to mark items as small as a microchip and as large as a boxcar. They are also used on many forms of printed paper media and in the food industry.

The coding was developed by the firm International Data Matrix, and can be used without paying royalties or license fees.

Up to 1556 bytes of data and 2,335 alphanumeric characters can be encoded in Data Matrix symbols. Like QR codes, portions of the code can still be read if the printing is damaged.

The coding features a dark L shape that serves as the left and bottom borders of the symbol. Within the borders of the square- or rectangle-shaped code are alternating small black and white squares which represent a binary-code zero or one. When read together by an appropriate device, the coded zeroes and ones form the data presented in the code.

Data Matrix codes can often be read by cellular phones with appropriate programs installed.

Standard Data Matrix features that are supported by the Barcode Software include:

  • Free text input mode with error detection;
  • Customizable symbol dimensions;
  • Non-square symbol support;
  • Automatic and manual code resolution; and
  • Customizable front and back colors with spot color support for EPS file export.

Need to export your Data Matrix barcode as a PNG or TIFF file, or to drag your code into Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator? The Barcode application can do all of these tasks, with print-quality dots-per-inch resolution.

Other Barcode Formats

Here you can find other barcode formats supported by Barcode Generator:

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