Barcode Generator for Designers

Make visually perfect barcodes by configuring every single aspect,
automate if needed.

Barcode Generator Software

What is Barcode Generator?

Barcode generator lets you create barcodes with your design. The software is focused on the graphics appearance not just data, so you can control many aspects of the output like colors, fonts, sizes, margins etc.

Everything is packed into a simple and intuitive user interface with Adobe Illustrator integration.

Reasons to Try Barcode Generator

Barcode Types

Barcode Software supports popular barcode types

All the main barcode symbologies are supported: UPC-A, UPC-E, ISBN-13, EAN-13, EAN-8, CODE-39, CODE-93, CODE-128, GS1-128, Codabar, I2/5, ITF-14, PHARMA, PDF 417, Databar, Aztec, Data Matrix and QR-code.

User Interface

Barcode Generator features easy and straightforward user interface

A really simple and straightforward user interface guides you through barcode creation, making the whole process fast and preventing mistakes. You can see it for yourself on the Barcode Generator screenshots page.

Customization Options

Barcode Application offers lots of barcode customization options

Barcode generator software lets you customize absolutely everything: from fonts to bar widths, from colors to margins. Barcode software also supports spot colors. You get exactly the barcode you need.

Adobe Illustrator Support

Instead of making Adobe Illustrator barcode plugin, we provide a simple drag and drop solution. This way your Illustrator projects don't depend on the third party software.

Once the barcode is ready, simply drag it into Illustrator, then click "Embed" there. Barcodes are copied as vector objects with maximum quality and you get a self-contained document without unnecessary dependencies.

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Batch Barcode Generation

Our barcode generator software supports batch processing, so you can configure a barcode and provide a list of codes. The software will run through it and make as many barcodes as you need. Multiple copies are also supported.

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Command Line Support

Need command line processing? Barcode can be used in batch scripts without showing any user interface. You configure the barcode, then simply pass some command line parameters and get the output image in the format you need.

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More Reasons to Try Barcode Maker

  • Vector output — Barcode outputs EPS files that can be then loaded to your vector editor without quality loss;
  • Raster output — you can also export to most common raster formats, including monochrome TIFF;
  • CMYK and spot colors support — Barcode lets you specify colors in CMYK and RGB formats, or provide spot color names instead;
  • Custom texts — add custom texts or labels to barcodes;
  • Drag and drop export — simply drag barcodes to your favorite graphics editor;
  • Printing support — print barcodes directly from the software.

Ready to Try?

We provide a free demo version of the software that lets you try the product and decide if it fits your requirements. Click the Download button at the top right corner of this page to get the demo.

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