Installing Ai Toolbox

You start with downloading the plugin using the Download button at the top right corner of the page. Make sure you download the proper version of the plugin for your system, especially if you use Apple Silicon Mac. Use the drop–down list to see all the options.

Once the plugin is downloaded, you install it by running the installer on Windows, or by dragging it to the Applications folder on Mac. Make sure you quit Adobe Illustrator, as the plugin cannot be installed, updated or removed while Illustrator is running. Then you can run the application and see the plugin installer interface:

Ai Toolbox plugin installer application

The installer detects and lists all the Adobe Illustrators you have and you can select the ones you want to use with the plugin. Once done, you click the Update Installation button:

Selecting the Illustrators to Install the plugin

At the next step the installer will ask you to give it some extra permissions to make the changes in your system. The installer needs to copy the plugin into the Illustrator folder and it needs your approval for that. Please allow the changes when the system asks you, so the installer can do its job.

Requesting extra permissions for installing Ai Toolbox plugin

Finally, you should see the confirmation of successful installation:

Ai Toolbox plugin installation confirmation

Now you can run Illustrator again and use the plugin.


Uninstalling the Plugin

If for any reason you need to uninstall the Illustrator plugin, you can do it absolutely the same way as you installed it. Make sure you quit Illustrator first, then run the installer from the Start menu on Windows or from the Applications folder on Mac, and then de–select the Illustrators where you want to remove the plugin. After that click Update Installation, then Continue, let the installer to make the changes and it’s done.

If you don’t need the software anymore — you can uninstall the installer, as well.

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