Conical Label from Artboard

As with the previous tutorial, we’ll start with a simple sample artwork:

Simple sample label artwork with bleeds in Adobe Illustrator

Note that this time the artwork fills the whole artboard and has bleeds. The artwork dimensions are now defined by the artboard and is 20x7 centimeters, as in the previous tutorial.

When making the label from the artboard, you don’t need to select all the artwork, just make sure the artboard is active and click Objects → Conical Label → Make from Selected Artboard… item in the Illustrator main menu. The Ai Toolbox plugin interface will pop up.

Configuring the Cone

As when you make the label from selection, the plugin interface lets you define the cone parameters and how to apply your artwork there:

Ai Toolbox plugin user interface

There are three parameters you can configure:

All you need is to specify the cone diameters and where to apply the original label width. The plugin does the rest and displays the instant preview in background.


Once done, click the Commit button and get your label distorted for the conical surface you configured.

The artboard-based label made conical by the plugin

Note that the plugin doesn’t change the artboard size to fit the new label, so you need to do this yourself if you want.

The plugin uses Adobe Illustrator Envelope tool, so you can edit the artwork later if needed, or share the file with someone else who doesn’t have the plugin — the label will look distorted even without the plugin.

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