Frequently Asked Questions

Scene manipulation

How to manipulate the camera?

Hold the left mouse button and drag to rotate the camera around the shape. Use the scrolling wheel to zoom. Pan the shape by holding the right mouse button and dragging the mouse.

How to manipulate the shadow?

Exactly as with the camera, you can drag the shadow using your mouse. There is a camera/light switch above the 3D shape that lets you choose what exactly to move with your mouse. You can use the scrolling wheel to blur the shadow.

What is the shadow around the shape?

It is called "Skylight" and adds realism to the scene. You can turn it off using "Skylight" option in the toolbar above the scene.

What if the shape doesn't fit preview?

Click the "Zoom" button in the toolbar to adjust the shape so it fits preview and takes as much screen space as possible.

Artwork questions

How to upload my artwork?

Click the "Images" button above the scene to see the list of available artwork slots. Browse for artwork for each slot and it will be automatically load to the shape.

What image formats are supported?

Boxshot Lite supports PNG, JPG and TIFF image formats. For more formats and color profiles support, consider using our desktop Boxshot application.

What artwork proportions do I need?

Boxshot Lite resizes shapes according to the artwork you load. Just make sure that the images you use have proper dimensions and everything will be done automatically.

What are the standard dimensions of CD and DVD boxes?

The standard sizes are:

  • DVD Box Front/Back: 190x135mm
  • DVD Box Spine: 14x135mm
  • CD Box Front/Back: 125x125mm
  • CD Box Spine: 10x125mm
  • Compact Disc: 120x120mm

Keep your artwork proportional to these dimensions, so it looks nice on Boxshot Lite shapes.

How to render white cover on white background?

We've got "Dim" option for that, when enabled it makes the shape slightly darker, so your white cover differs from the background.

Paid options

What are the paid options?

Boxshot Lite is absolutely free and adds no watermark to the images it creates. You get a nicely rendered image with 400x300 pixels resolution. If you need higher resolution, you can get it for a small fee. We will show you the preview versions of your high-resolution images, so you can see what you order.

How does the paid rendering work?

Once you rendered a free image you can get a better version of it on transparent background. To do so you leave your email (so we can track your order and send you the images), then we redirect you to PayPal for payment and then finally you get back to us and get your images. It usually takes just about a minute.

Other questions

Can I use the images commercially?

Sure, you can. That's why we made this service.

How long do you store the rendered images?

We store the images for 24 hours, make sure you download them after rendering.

How can I get more shapes?

This online 3D cover editor is limited with just a few shapes. If you need more, please consider using our desktop Boxshot application that has 50+ built-in shapes and lets you load external ones. It also allows you to have several objects in scene and much more. Give it a try if you need to render more than one image.

More questions?

Please feel free to contact us with your questions that are not answered here, we'll be happy to help.