What is a 3D book cover?

A 3D book cover is where the digital image of the cover of a book looks 3D. This is in contrast to many online book cover images which appear 2-dimensional.

What is the importance of a book cover? A book cover tells you about the book and what you will get from reading it. A 3D book cover is very important for book sales because most book consumers say that they generally judge whether to purchase a book cased on the graphics first. Yes, many people unfortunately judge a book simply based on its cover. That is why services exist to ensure that your book cover looks good and marketable.

Online, most book cover images are 2D. As a result, if you want your book cover to stand out more, it would be good to make it digitally 3D. This will look more professional and it will also give a greater sense that the book is in fact a real book worth reading.

There are essentially two ways to make a 3-D book cover. You can make it yourself or you can hire someone to do it. Hiring someone is probably the best way to ensue a high-quality book cover, but it is also expensive.

Making it yourself can be done in two ways, either through a pre-designed template or through special software that allows you to rotate a book model in 3D and render it. The pre-designed template is easy, but using a generic template can make your book cover design look unoriginal and your images may not match the design of the template perfectly.

There is also special software that can be used to design a 3D book cover template from scratch. These may be more time consuming, but they generally produce book covers that have a better look to them. Boxshot, for example, provides software for making 3D book covers this way that is readily available and easy to use.