How to make a 3D book cover on a transparent background?

This is a brief article on how to make a transparent background for a 3D book cover. The first question to be answered is simple. Why would you want to make the book cover background transparent?

One reason is that it makes it easier to superimpose it on top of other images. Accomplishing this is tricky. Making a completely transparent background is not possible with an ordinary camera since there will always be something in the background. Photoshop can be used to remove a background and make it transparent, but it’s edges will still not be perfect.

Desktop 3d book cover software

A good way to make it transparent is to use special rendering software, such as Boxshot. If you have the desktop version of Boxshot, you can simply open the program, and drag a hard cover book icon into the scene:

Making transparent background in Boxshot

Then you go to the scene properties panel at the left and select Transparent option in Background selector:

Making transparent background in Boxshot

Finally, you click Render button in the toolbar to get your book rendered on transparent background.

Making transparent background in Boxshot

Make sure you save the output image to formats that support transparency, such as PNG or TIFF.

Online 3d book cover software

The online 3D book cover software is even simpler which is why it is useful if you are only making book covers occasionally. Upload the artwork of your book as usual, then click the Download Image button to get the result:

Downloading 3D book cover image

From the options presented select the one with transparent background and click Download:

Selecting the transparent background image for downloading

The image is downloaded in PNG format with transparent background.

Note, that you can also make 3d book cover in Photoshop.