3D Book Cover Maker

Here you can make eye catching 3D book mockups for sharing on social media or for any other forms of book marketing. Upload your artwork, drag the book to rotate and zoom, download the image when ready. Scroll down for more information and hints.




Direct Lighting

Object Lighting

Floor Shadow

How it works?

This 3D book cover generator is constantly rendering a realistic book model with the pictures you loaded. Every time you move the camera or change a parameter — the rendering starts from the beginning. It may take some time for the noise to come away and you get a nice and clear 3D image.

The progress bar below the book image indicates the optimal rendering time. You can wait more and get an even better result, or you can wait less if you like the image.

Just give it at least 10–15 seconds to settle the most noise down before downloading the image.

How is it different?

The main advantage of our book cover maker is that it allows you the maximum flexibility of camera, lighting and shadows. Most of the competitors use static mockup templates and don’t let you change the camera angle, lighting, shadows or even the book size. We offer a dynamic environment where the book is automatically adjusted to the artwork you load, camera and lighting are under your full control and you can even adjust camera focus using the depth of field sliders!

Another advantage is the path tracing algorithms we use to compute realistic shadows by calculating all the light bounces between the parts of the book. Check the shadows at the bottom of the book or at the top near the headband — you will hardly find these somewhere else, especially for free.

How to load artwork?

Simply click the artwork thumbnails on the left and select your own ebook cover image. The book will be resized automatically to match the new artwork. You can also drag and drop your image onto the slot instead of clicking it.

Problems with loading artwork?

Check the list below if the artwork is not loaded:

What book types are supported?

You can render hard cover books and paperbacks here. Switch between them using the Hard cover option on the right. Turning that option off gives you a 3D mockup of paperback book.

For more book rendering options, consider trying Boxshot — our desktop software which can render almost any book with all the details you might need.

3D Books rendered in Boxshot software

Read more about rendering 3D books in Boxshot

Need artwork?

There are many ways you can get the artwork for your book. However, the truth is that you need to be a designer to make a good cover art. More, not every designer is a good book cover designer, so it might worth getting your book cover designed by a skilled professional.

If you still want to do it yourself or for free, try searching for free templates or for a book cover creator — there are plenty of them around. If you are lucky, try finding someone who can make you a free ebook cover for portfolio.

Once you get the artwork done, come back here to render your 3D ebook cover using our book mockup generator.

Need more information?

Have a look at the topics below:

Still have questions?

In case of any issues, suggestions or ideas — please feel free to contact us and discuss that.