Boxshot 4 is the new Box Shot 3D

Box Shot 3D
Boxshot 4

Why Boxshot 4 is better?

Features Box Shot 3D Boxshot 4
External shapes support simple advanced
Shape shop
Flexible bags
Digipak boxes
Yogurt packs
Customizable pharma bottles simple advanced
Toothpaste tubes
Lathe shapes
More new shapes to come
Glass and liquid
Bump simple advanced
HDR environment
PSD files support simple advanced
ICC color profiles support
User Interface
Realtime preview slow fast
Shapes movement difficult easy
Modern user interface
Scripting support partial complete
Queued rendering
Rendering jobs support
Compatibility with new OS not guaranteed

The table is based on Boxshot Ultimate, lower editions may lack some of the features (mostly shapes and automation). See here for the detailed comparison of editions.

boxshot 4

version 4.7.1

Select your Boxshot

  • home$79
  • professional$199
  • ultimate$299
Amazing Quality at an Affordable Price
  • lots of customizable shapes
  • photo-realistic rendering
  • multiple shapes in scene
  • rendering results sharing
  • easy-to-use ui
  • materials library
  • hdr environment
  • buy now
Professional Tool for the Professional Designer
  • all the "home" features
  • more advanced shapes
  • higher rendering resolution
  • export to 3d formats
  • loading psd files
  • scripting
  • snapshots
  • buy now
Fully Loaded Edition for Real Professionals!
  • all the "pro" features
  • most advanced shapes
  • external shapes support
  • rendering animations
  • rendering jobs
  • queued rendering
  • buy now

What happened to Box Shot 3D?

Box Shot 3D is retired, which means there will be no further updates for it anymore. You are very welcome to switch to Boxshot 4 or keep using your Box Shot 3D copy as long as you wish.

You can download last builds of Box Shot 3D in our downloads section, and feel free to contact us if you are missing your old serial number.

How to upgrade?

Please contact us if you have a Box Shot 3D license and would like to upgrade to Boxshot 4. We provide discounts for current users.