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Upload your artwork to the 3d book shape, rotate the shape with your mouse and get a free cover image.

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Lifetime License

  • All the "High Quality" perks
  • 50+ customizable shapes
  • Full control over the scene
  • Unlimited renderings
  • Lifetime license

Standard Rendering

Thanks for using our free cover editor, please try Boxshot to make more realistic images. Boxshot offers configurable materials, advanced raytracing rendering, more than 50 built-in shapes and the ability to load external shapes.

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Lifetime License

Click the "Download" button below to download and install the latest version of our Boxshot application that has 50+ built-in shapes, raytracing rendering engine, realistic light, shadows, glass materials and much more.

Boxshot license is permanent and comes with a year of free updates and support. You can render as many high quality pictures as you need with the full control over the scene.

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Too Many Images

You rendered too many images in one day. This free service is for people who need to make just one or two images, but as you render more please consider selecting one of the paid options that we offer.

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